Ristorante aziendale Fabio Perini spa


Corporate catering

The corporate restaurant at Fabio Perini Spa, a Lucca-based company specializing in the design and production of machinery for transforming and packaging tissue paper, was designed to cater for the lunchtime needs of some 500 employees.

Employees can now view and order from the menu via an app or the website, while the dining hall itself has ten or so stations with a tablet for free browsing.
On the sustainability front, the new restaurant has introduced exclusive use of glass and ceramic tableware, which has significantly reduced the use of plastic.

Regarding intelligent use of resources, the cleaning system adopted is based on the method normally used in operating theatres. This reduces water consumption to a minimum and has substantially lowered the impact on the environment.

In terms of menu composition, two new corners have been introduced, one for single-course meals and health dishes and the other for on-demand oven-baked pizzas.

“The new corporate restaurant is the fruit of teamwork and the idea was to align the new lunch offering and spaces to the needs of the company’s employees, thus going beyond the “canteen” concept.”
Filippo Deluca, sales manager, Camst

  • Menu consulting and pre-ordering via app/website
  • Plastic free
  • Dry cleaning in kitchens
  • Health food offering