Vademecum EXIT: combating violence

Our Company has been engaged in advocating for and safeguarding women’s rights for years, working alongside associations like COSPE Onlus and D.i.Re. (Donne in Rete Contro la Violenza – Women online against violence) to help women victims of violence.

In addition to our policy of enabling women on the run from situations of violence to find employment in our production facilities (kitchens, self-services, canteens, etc.) throughout the country, in 2016 we launched a unique publishing project: “Exit: uscite di sicurezza contro la violenza” (Exit: emergency exits against violence).

Exit is the first corporate guide providing information and useful tips for preventing and combating male violence against women.
Its contents are presented in a simple, effective and direct style, thanks also to illustrator and cartoonist Stefania Spanò (aka Anarkikka), who enhanced the book with her drawings.

How to recognize forms of violence by going beyond what the body tells us? How to understand whether a sentimental relationship is at risk? Who to go to if you’re a victim of violence or if a friend is running the same risk? What can be done legally against a violent partner?

These and other questions are answered in our guide, because real help is what women really need.