Nutrition service

Our Nutrition Service aims to offer tangible support to all company departments that deal with the issue of nutrition on a daily basis: purchasing, sales and site management. The service meets the expectations of a clientele that is increasingly attentive, informed and interested in promoting healthy and balanced meals, as well as correct nutrition education, in their organisation.

Culinary proposals

Products and suppliers

Safe, high-quality products

As part of our unwavering commitment to quality, we have adopted an approach based on concrete actions in line with GPP. We have selected our suppliers very carefully to make sure they are able to supply us with products belonging to higher quality product categories.

For your restaurant we are able to provide a wide range of ORGANIC, PDO, PGI, MSC, PAT and FAIRTRADE quality products thanks to our first-rate suppliers.

Technologies and App

Thanks to our app, employees of client companies can get valuable information on that day’s menu, the allergens and nutritional content of the various dishes, forthcoming developments and much more besides. Thanks to a simple registration process, users can also access their own personal area.